We try to keep things informal here…as well as infernal.

First, I completely realize how very dry and melodramatic all this may seem. And surely, you’re thinking it can’t be all that bad. But before I write a post telling all about my situation, first I’d like to address who could possibly be reading this. I’m guessing it would mostly be people I intentionally send links to and people who wander the internet the way I do wikipedia. (Have you ever played six-degrees on it? Try going from Kevin Bacon to the Treaty of Versaille in less than six clicks…a nice way to pass the time. But I digress.)

Anyway, all this leads me back to the idea of blogging in the first place. I put off blogging for a very long time just because it seemed so very narcissistic and ostentatious. Which it is. The very idea of putting my personal feelings into an organized form for others to read and not just myself is saying that I have something that is worth reading. And let’s face it, most of us do not. It’s rather the curse of our generation: to have many avenues of self expression but not much to fill up the gap. We all fancy ourselves Christian Slater in “Pump Up the Volume” (vague 80s reference of the day fulfilled) with our short wave radios, trying desperately to pull some sort of poetry from ourselves or at the very least something mildly witty or entertaining.

Is anyone else very tired of having to be witty? A hipster came up to me the other day and started having a vague movie reference shoot off with me and after a while I had to throw my hands up and say, “You know what? Insert witty retort here, you pretentious ass.”

Anyway, all that being said, (and returning to my beginning point, finally) I realize that blogging is by definition egotistical but at the same time it’s a staple of our generation. And yes, our generation is incredibly egotistical. Franny Glass would cut her throat just looking at us all.

But just as she realized that not all ego is bad, so do I. And with that, I begin this blog…


~ by atypicalsnowman on September 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “We try to keep things informal here…as well as infernal.”

  1. I’ve found that personally blogging only works when you do it for yourself, write something that you want to write about. You can see my varying degrees of success on my blog, where gaps of time between posts directly correlate with periods of conflict in my personal life.

  2. A Typical Snowman

    Yes a typical snowman has started her own blog!! Lets just see if she writes about how hard it must be to melt

  3. A completely useless rhetoric can fill the gap sometimes and it could stir something at the very least of moments of expectations. Stir what? I don’t know. And as it moves on further to more and more rhetorics as the mind wanders further, we may be surprised what opens in front of us, beside us or inside of us. And I agree, not all ego is bad. Cheers to your new blog and cheers to our lives (“Pump up the volume” may it be and all)!

    ps: clicked on your blog through Twitter.

  4. Just added Pump up the Volume to the top of my Netflix Queue because of this post. I haven’t seen that movie in years!

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