I am Jack’s Raging Insomnia

Okay, the precursory disclaimers have been made. I am currently living in Laredo, Texas which is a border down. I’m living in what passes for suburbia about two and a half miles from the Mexican border. I’m a senior at Baylor University in Waco, but I have yet to graduate and haven’t been able to attend school for one reason or another since ’06. Right now I’m looking for a day job (I wait tables at night; a truly futile existence) but it’s hard seeing as how my major is in political science and all the major politicians in this city are stocked up on liberal arts majors.

That reminds me of a joke. Something about liberal arts majors and the phrase ‘would you like fries with that?’.

Purgatory is interesting at least at a sociological view point. As an outsider, it’s fascinating to view a culture that exists within the United States but is so different from anywhere else. I won’t point out anything in particular; I’ll leave that to further blogs. But if you were to stumble upon Laredo during any holiday you would find a mixture of tradition from Mexico and the United States. Exampe: Girls don’t have Sweet Sixteens, they have quinceaneras (from the Spanish word for 15).

And of course being a server in a restaurant allows for a nice cross-section of people. Speaking of which, my night job is really starting to hurt my sleep pattern. I’m only writing this late in an attempt to bore myself into sleep.

With that, goodnight. More tomorrow.


~ by atypicalsnowman on September 21, 2007.

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