I caucused with the guy I came with.


Or some such nonsense. Can caucus be made into a verb?

I attended the caucus in South Texas tonight and the best way to describe it is “organized chaos.” I showed up at my precinct with my stamped voter registration card at 7:00 pm, just when the polls were closing. We were told that we would be allowed 15 minutes to get ourselves inside and signed in and then we would quickly verify that we had voted and then vote for our delegates.

Our precinct seems to be atypical for the Texas caucuses in total chaos tonight. There weren’t enough sign in sheets, there was one precinct captain who barely knew what he was doing and there was only one table set up for 140 people.

Also, this is South Texas. And I really hate to stereotype anyone at all but all night long I had to hear “I don’t think America is ready for a black president” and “I don’t think I could ever vote for a black man.”

Now, I really like Hillary. In fact, until very recently I was on the fence because I actually like both nominees very much this time around. And at the beginning of this election I decided I was going to vote on the issues and not on personalities. Now that’s really hard because Obama is such a charismatic candidate but I actually looked up his voting record, watched all the debates and then finally decided to go Obama.

And of the many reasons not to vote for Obama (lack of experience, lack of military service, etc…) the only thing I heard all night either dealt with race or the Muslim email that everyone down here still seems to think is true.

South Texas is very much Hillary’s country. Hispanics loved Clinton. I was at a rally recently where Bill showed up and I was surprised to hear the County Commissioner come out on stage to tell us to vote for Hillary but also, if we were going to vote for Obama, not to show up. And then to have everyone cheer. Maybe I’m naive, I just didn’t think an elected official should be discouraging anyone the vote.

So tonight, after being told to have our voter registration cards out, not one person was checked for ID or the card saying that you had voted and you had the right to participate in the caucus. Any random person could have walked in and cast a vote for a delegate.

The Hillary people outnumbered the Obama people four to one. And no offense to Hillary or Hillary supporters at all (I love Hillary) but these people were actually trying to fudge the numbers that would determine how many delegates would be granted to each candidate. They were really giving their candidate a bad name. Thankfully, Obama supporters were well versed in what was supposed to happen and ended up taking over for the Precinct Captain.

And I ended up being chosen as a delegate. I’m a political science major and a politics buff and so very glad to be able to participate. So I’ll go and cast my vote on March 29th with the few other Obama supporters down here. It should be fun.

I seriously hope that this outdated delegates system gets revamped before the next election. I’m watching CNN and I’m already sensing a Florida-style fuck up.


~ by atypicalsnowman on March 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “I caucused with the guy I came with.”

  1. Great post Imelda. But aren’t you hispanic? You’re supposed to back Hillary – shame on you! LOL! I’m hispanic as well and support Obama. Let’s hope he is the nominee.

  2. ugh, that makes me so sad. we had SUCH a good experience at our caucus here in Colorado.

  3. Thanks for the inside scoop on what the hell goes on at these things! Very interesting.

  4. @Javier… Not my blog silly. You know I live in Houston and not S. Texas.

  5. oops.. sorry. Made a silly mistake. 😦

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