There’s a total jerk on the wing of the plane.


What up?

Not much, had a dream that you wanted to be friends with Cesar.
And it wasn’t April Fool’s or anything.

Glad you’re not in town. God knows you’ve have punched me upon seeing me.
Why did I want to be friends with Cesar?

No idea, he was in town again and everyone was like friends with him.
Like if he saved a barrel of drowning puppies at an orphange on xmas.

No thank you.

I was the only one who was like, “What the fuck? We all hate him this asshole.”

It was the twilight zone and you were trying to get everyone to see the gremlin.

It wasn’t even on the wing of the plane, it was eating on your bed with his dirty shoes.



~ by atypicalsnowman on April 2, 2008.

One Response to “There’s a total jerk on the wing of the plane.”

  1. Whenever I tried to type in the comment box in your last entry, I kept getting redirected to your Flickr for some strange reason. That’s why I’m leaving a comment here.

    Anyhow, your last entry is so disheartening to read. It’s amazing that people can be this torn up over something like this. Frustration gets the best of them, I suppose. This is a reminder for me never to get into public office. And how did you get so many Flickr views with your photos?!

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