Ok, that’s it. I’m good. No more please, I’ve had my share.

I was so excited last year when Obama, Hillary and Edwards (and the rest) were all on the ballot and it looked like we were going to have wonderful candidates to choose from for this election. It was exciting and I was so hopeful, ecstatic, elated and all those good things.

And it looked like Hillary would take it from the get go which I didn’t want because when you have candidates like this you really want it to go on for a while. The longer the process the more chance for issues to brought into the open, the better chance for debate and the marketplace of ideas and all that rot.

Then South Carolina and all of sudden Obama’s a force to be reckoned with. Oh joy! It wasn’t over before it began! Super Tuesday! Hillary and Obama were head-to-head. Hillary took the big states and Obama took the rest. Democracy! The return- no the revenge!- of the Democratic Party.

But all good things must come to an end. And when politics are involved all good things must eventually completely turn to shit.

I think it started with the Reverend Wright ordeal and with that the end of the love affair the press had with Senator Obama. Then it was Clinton’s sniper fire story and Obama’s ties to the Weathermen. That’s not even mentioning James Carville making an ass out of himself and the press having a field day with the issue of why Obama doesn’t wear an American flag pin.

Now to top it all off, to make matters worse, to put the nail in the coffin that was my enthusiasm, there was the absolute disgrace of a debate and my utter disillusionment and end of a long time crush with George Stephanopoulos.

Yeah, say that sentence out loud. Ugh.

It was bad enough when, during the first few debates, the press was tough on Clinton and easier on Obama. But at least they were asking real questions, even if they were being unfair about it.

But the travesty on calling Senator Obama’s loyalty and patriotism into question when they could have spend that HOUR debating something else. I could have picked a topic out of a hat and produced a better debate than ABC’s pile of manure.

Sensationalism, dirty politics, infighting and distraction. That’s what it all amounts to. It’s been weeks since I’ve heard anything about health care. However, I have now heard that neither Clinton or Obama have made a decision about being each other’s running mates. Because that was a huge surprise. I was totally expecting that decision to come BEFORE the Pennsylvania primary.

Tonight, a small miracle occurred on the Colbert Report. Edwards, Clinton and Obama all appeared (in some form) and they were all mildly to very funny (Edwards has good timing). Hillary’s appearance, I have to say, was a bit self-important. And of course, she’s running a campaign so that’s only to be expected. But I liked that Obama didn’t necessarily talk about himself, he talked about the political distractions that have been going on in the media lately. Things that bring us away from the issues, the people and politics and focus our attention on whether or not Hillary is escaped gun fire and pictures of Obama in a turban.

Hillary on Colbert

And I think it’s telling that late night comedians have been the ones to turn the tide for candidates in this election. Hillary really turned her campaign around with at least a little help from an appearance on SNL, making light on how much the press loved Obama.

“Senator Obama…do you need another pillow?”

That sketch alone made the rounds on all the cable news shows and asked the question, ‘yeah why are we giving this guy a free ride?’ And rightly so, even if he is my guy.

A fortunate appearance on the eve of the Texas/Ohio primary helped her out at least a little as well.

I’m reminded of the jester in the king’s court. No one was allowed to tell the king the truth, lest they face his wrath and risk their head. But the jester was allowed to joke and make light of the most horrible of truths. So it seems to be going in this election cycle.

So yes. Anyone who is a fan of the Colbert Report will know about the “on notice” board. And today Obama had the gall to put distractions on notice. And hopefully this will do its little cycle on the self-aggrandizing cable news shows and begin to filter into the hive mind that is the body politic.

Please don’t give us gruel and try to convince us it’s a porterhouse. The American People aren’t that stupid. Political distractions are on notice, right next to grizzly bears.


~ by atypicalsnowman on April 18, 2008.

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