The Modern Democrat’s Unavoidable Question.

I have a theory.

June is going to roll around and either Hillary or Obama will have lost the nomination with 49% of the vote. At that point, the party will either pulls itself together by some miracle or fall apart at the seems. And regardless of who wins in November, one unavoidable question will be on the lips of thousands of new democrats.

Are you a Hillary Democrat or an Obama Democrat?

Or the short version, which I’ve found myself saying already: Hillary or Obama?

I’m very afraid that Howard Dean is operating under the misconception that the Democratic Party isn’t already fractured beyond repair. That the muckraking and distraction that is going on from within hasn’t already rotted the mighty oak from the inside out.

And if, by some miracle, the losing candidate was able to whole-heartedly and without reservation endorse the winner, he or she would still have to convince just less than half of the party to go along with them.

So that would mean that Hillary would have to court an entire generation of young voters and black voters and Obama would have to court the older voters and the working class. So far it has been impossible to simply divide the party into two based on demographics. Neither candidate has a total monopoly on any race, gender or economic status which translates into the party being evenly divided. The house is divided against itself.

And all of this with only a few shorts months till November.


~ by atypicalsnowman on April 28, 2008.

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