Cautiously Optimistic For About An Hour

Dear People of Guam,

Thank you for giving me a much needed breather in the utter banality and frustration that has become the campaign for the Democratic nomination. I was actually looking forward to your caucus date, although no one really took notice of you. You’re not even allowed to vote in November! But you made your votes count today. In fact, Senator Obama only won the caucus by seven votes. Seven! I was so excited, even though you only have four delegates (and somehow five superdelegates) to offer. When has anything ever come down to a handful of votes?  Even the colossal goat-fuck that was Florida in 2000 was over a few hundred. Thank you for giving me a break, however brief it may be, from the utter dismay that has become this election.

Also, thank you Senator Clinton, who today stated that if Senator Obama wins the party nomination she “would work her heart out for him.” That makes me breathe a little easier for so many reasons. Most of which was captured perfectly in an interview between Jon Stewart and Senator Obama:

“Do you have any concern that you’ll win the nomination then beat John McCain in the general and then go to the inauguration and Hillary will still be campaigning?”


~ by atypicalsnowman on May 4, 2008.

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