Edge Of My Seat

Dear God of the Democratic Party,

Please let this all end tonight. At the moment it is 7 to midnight, central time, and I am praying to all that is holy (and liberal) that all of this will end.

If Obama wins Indiana then maybe, just maybe, Hillary will drop out and allow Obama to take the nomination and finally begin campaigning for the Presidency.

I have never advocated that Hillary drop out. Not after Super Tuesday and not since then with all the scandal and controversey that’s been going on within the party.  I wanted this to go on, in part because I thought it would create a fervor with new voters but also because I thought it could strengthen the party by having such a great debate between two great candidates.  But I was wrong and please, please let this end.

Dragging the race on will only divide the party and disenfranchise voters further.  Can we please end this and start to put ourselves back together and unite?

We promise to be good and advocate gay rights, hug trees, write a blog about the separation of church and state and all those other lovely democratic stereotypes.


~ by atypicalsnowman on May 7, 2008.

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