I Should Have Mailed It To The Marx Brothers.

(Conversations after seeing the new Indiana Jones movie)

Did you see what happened after the credits?

Sabrina Fair
What happened?

Sean Connery has dinner with aliens in heaven.

Sabrina Fair

Also there was nothing after the credits.

Oh my God, Rick made the best joke at the end.

When Indiana said, “Somewhere your grandfather is looking down and laughing.”
Rick said “with the Marx brothers,”
in a Connery voice.

Sabrina Fair

I remember that I made a joke during the previews last night and the black guy behind me laughed at it and gave me a high five.

Sabrina Fair
What was the joke?

It was the start of the Hancock preview, and I said, “Fuck yeah! Bad Boys 3.”

Sabrina Fair
You got a high five out of it.


~ by atypicalsnowman on May 22, 2008.

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