Bunch Of Savages

Was it really necessary for blood thirsty reporters to gnaw at the bone of Hillary Clinton in South Dakota? I can just picture them in my mind’s eye:  salivating as they heard something that could be stretched in more ways than one. To their delight that comment could be made to sound like Hillary was either making light of the assassination of a national treasure or making a thinly veiled threat to assassinate a political opponent.

Either way, it’s obvious that she just simply put her foot in her mouth. She was talking about her own fate in this election. A fate that has been pretty much decided for her and really there’s only the smallest of chances that she could possibly pull it off.

And so of course, she would reference other Democratic nominees that only cinched the nomination at the very end of the process. It just so happens that one of those men was Robert Kennedy and she happened to let the word “assassination” slip. If she had simply said, well Robert Kennedy was campaigning into the summer, I doubt we would be hearing so much about this.

But yes, mention the name “Kennedy” and “assassination” in the same sentence and you’re just asking for trouble. Especially in the age where reporters can be listening in half way across the country and Matt Drudge is an asshole.

But really, comparing Hillary Clinton to Tonya Harding? Michael Goodwin of The Daily News might just be the most hateful man in journalism to me right now.

“SICK. Disgusting. And yet revealing. Hillary Clinton is staying in the race in the event some nut kills Barack Obama.”

“It’s like Tanya Harding’s kneecapping has come to politics. Only the senator from New York has more lethal fantasies than that nutty skater.”

This person is obviously one of many reporters who are only too happy to see Hillary Clinton down and kick her while she’s falling. And I’d love to ask the question why and receive an answer. However, I think the question is too complex and there are just too many layers to the sociological and psychological make up of our culture. Is it because she’s a woman? A strong, somewhat bitchy woman who obviously has no problem standing on her own? Is it because people just really love scandal, really enjoy sensationalism? Or do people just enjoy hating other people so much?

I’ve now seen at least three articles and dozens of comments on people “hating” Hillary Clinton.

Because obviously they all know her personally and after she kicked their dog and tore down their rose gardens they feel justified in hating her.

And ultimately, I really wish I could shake the feeling that her being a woman does have just a little bit to do with this. I really wish I could have that much more faith in my fellow human beings.

Either way, this kind of journalism just makes it seem like there are a bunch of savages in this town.


~ by atypicalsnowman on May 25, 2008.

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