It’s Not Over Until They Name A VP

Why is everyone pretending that the race for the Democratic nominee is over?  Yes, Barack Obama is now the presumptive nominee, emphasis on the word presumptive.  

But Hillary’s speech today, first seen by me in a noisy bar with the captions on and then at home online, could not even be described as ‘thinly veiled.’  It had all the sublety of an elephant charging into a room.  

In a speech to supporters in New York, Hillary stated that she wants “every vote to be counted” and “will be making no decisions tonight.”  As she spoke you could hear people chanting, “Denver, Denver” in the crowd.

MSNBC also reported earlier that Clinton is “open” to discussing becoming Obama’s vice president.  Saying that one is “open to discussion” is the political equivalent of begging.  And at this point, having Hillary as his running mate would be shooting himself in the foot while denying her would be cutting off his nose to spite his face.

Obama and Hillary sparred until the very last of the caucuses and primaries and it’s not over yet.  As predicted, Obama only won the country by about 51%.  If he doesn’t take Hillary as his running mate, he risks losing the swing states that are devoted to her.

But on the other hand, when asked, most Hillary supporters want her to become his running mate however his supporters do not.

And all of this is only thinking up until November.  What kind of White House would exist under an Obama-Clinton ticket.  And remember, there isn’t just the one Clinton.  Anyone thinking that Bill Clinton wouldn’t want to be a big part of the policy making is hallucinating.

Which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.  I remember the Clinton era with fondness, as most Americans do.  It wouldn’t necessarily be a horrible thing to have someone as accomplished as a former president be back in the White House.

But it’s just as easy to imagine the Clintons butting heads with the president on policy and management not to mention the day-to-day dealings of governing the country.  Obama wouldn’t be able to use the Clintons to court favor and then toss them away after November.  

Hillary may be “open” to being Obama’s VP but Obama is just as “open” to begin those talks.

All in all, I threw up my Bender from The Breakfast Club fist today when MSNBC announced Obama the winner of the Democratic primary.

It took me a while to decide on which candidate to support but ultimately wound up making Obama ‘my guy.’  Wink.

And so, although this isn’t over by a long shot, I am glad that my guy seems to have won.  

Above is a picture that made me smile.  Unlike Tipper and Al’s semi-creepy way too public make-out on stage, this little hand gesture between the Obamas was the perfect amount of intimacy when in front of thousands of people and on national television.

Hit that.


~ by atypicalsnowman on June 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s Not Over Until They Name A VP”

  1. I don’t know, I really think it’s over. Especially after she’ll endorse him tomorrow, it just doesn’t make sense for everything to go to the convention.

    Also, I really liked that moment with Barack and Michelle. It was extremely cute. I kind of figured you would put that into your blog. 🙂

    Oh yeah and, see you in like, 4 hours!

  2. I loved this moment between them. They seem so genuine and sincere. No phoney act with them. She will make a great First Lady.

    As for the VP, I really hope she decides to help out the party win no matter what. The other night all the Republican pundits were already gunning for Obama, going for blood. Last thing the Dems need is more in-fighting. Gotta unite and bury McCain with brutal precision. He is such a muppet if they cant beat him there is zero hope for this country.

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