Okay, Fine. Now It’s Over

I was so pleasantly surprised, elated, overjoyed and relieved to watch Hillary Clinton’s concession speech on Saturday morning. 

It was perfection.  The first six minutes or so thanked her loyal followers many times over, which was needed after such a long fought campaign.

Then she did what we all hoped and she enthusiasthically and without any sign of passive aggression endorsed Barack Obama.  She even repeated his name several times.

And I’m very glad she also addressed the fact that many of her followers are considering voting for McCain in the fall.  Her mentioning the failings of the Republican party over the last few decades rang very true.

I think her addressing the many women, especially older women, who may feel disenfranchised by her defeat was a smart move.  

“The glass ceiling has about eighteen million cracks in it.”

Best line I’ve ever heard from Hillary.  


~ by atypicalsnowman on June 9, 2008.

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