Caroline Collective

This weekend I had the great treat of getting to meet so many people that I’ve “met” online.  

The Caroline Collective threw a party to celebrate the opening of the largest co-working space in the world.  The party itself was wonderful.  Upon first entering the doors I got to meet Jenny “The Bloggess.”  I recognized her and told her she was hilarious.  Seriously, I just read her blog post about fat shitting anal leakage and considered it the best thing I’ve read all day.

So yes, party was great.  Got to meet Matthew Wettergreen and whole bunch of other people I follow on twitter.  Which according to the Bloggess is “lame in a cool way.”

My cousin Miranda was with me and she had a good time getting hit on by random guys.

“Why do guys keep talking to me?”

“Because you’re pretty.”




~ by atypicalsnowman on June 10, 2008.

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