Sheba Lives! Kind of like Fletch Lives, Except Less Lame and no Chevy Chase.

I took Sheba in for her surgery early this morning at 8 a.m.  Nurse came and took her out of my arms while she was screaming bloody murder.  My murder, not the nurse’s.

Doctor called a little while ago and said everything went well and her blood work looks really good.  We’ll know in ten days whether or not it was malignant.

But yes, Sheba lives!  This post might be a bit early seeing as how she could still be sick but we were really worried about her going under the knife.  Shouldn’t have been though cause Sheba could just glare at cancer and it would back down.


Sheba came home yesterday and slept for a good 23 hours.  She popped a stitch today and was told “bad cat” any number of times by me and my sister.  She then went to the vet and got a cone.  She’s not very happy right now.

~ by atypicalsnowman on July 8, 2008.

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