Barack Obama is Your Friend or at the Very Least a Guy Who Won’t Embarrass the Entire Country at the G8 Summit.

The more and more I learn about Obama, the more I like him.  But I think the thing I like most about him right now is that he just seems like a nice guy.  He may be setting me and everyone else who loves him up for a very big disappointment if he’s actually some huge jerk.  And I get that he’s a lawyer AND a politician so of course he’s well versed in giving half-truths and evasion but that’s every lawyer and every politician.  

Thing is, I think we all really like Obama as a person even more than we like him as a politician.  He just seems like this really nice, cool guy that everyone wants to have as their next door neighbor.  Imagine moving into a house and that evening, there’s Michelle and Barack on your doorstep with a casserole welcoming you to the neighborhood.

Makes you all smiley, right?

Of course, this is why everyone criticizes Obama and Obama supporters.  I remember during the heat of the Hillary/Obama race so many people tried tell me I only liked Obama because he was so charismatic.  And I agreed he’s very easy to like and very charismatic.  But I also like his health care plan, his record on Iraq, his plan for the economy, etc.

So really the fact that his personality is so pleasing is really just a huge bonus.  I voted for Kerry in ’04 and Gore (when Gore wasn’t cool) in 2000.  But I have to admit, I voted and caucused for Obama with much more enthusiasm.

Anyway, all this thought came about when the Maariv Newspaper in Israel published Obama’s note to God.  Earlier in the week, Obama visited the Western Wall.  Pilgrims have historically put a little note in the ruins that is supposed to be a private message between the person and their creator.  The notes are removed periodically and buried in the Mount of Olives.  It’s considered taboo to read the notes.

But as soon as I read that he had visited the wall and had acted out the tradition, I knew I would be reading what he had written soon enough.  He probably knew too.

Either way, his note to God could be every man and woman’s: Lord, protect my family and me.  Forgive me my sins and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.

I especially like the Pride and Despair part.  Pride is my main pitfall and I don’t have the entire world at my feet.

Also, yesterday Obama was “caught on tape.”.  He was in London speaking to Tory Leader David Cameron where he DID NOT address him as “Yo, Cameron.”  That hurdle passed, the two had a conversation about vacation and the need to clear one’s head.  Conversation can be read here.  

Also, I do feel guilty posting Obama’s note, even though so many have done so before me, and yes the hypocrisy does bother me.  I really don’t have a good reason for putting it up except that I really liked it and it really spoke to me, an agnostic.  Lame, I know.


~ by atypicalsnowman on July 26, 2008.

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