Headline: McCain Recommends You Check Your Wagon Spokes to Improve Horseshoe Mileage.

God forbid a presidential candidate try to enforce some sort of personal responsibility on the American people.  

If you’ve ever read any of my other election blog posts, you’ll know that I’m very big on the American people proactively doing things that will help themselves.  And yet other, lesser candidates would enjoy picking on the smart kid in class.  The strategy is genius:  you basically take what the other person said and repeat it in a dumb sounding voice.  You can practically hear McCain mocking Obama with this latest attack.

This time it’s McCain trying to cut down Obama inferring that the senator’s energy plan consists of offering tire gauges to Americans.

While mocking Obama, McCain told a motorcycle rally in Sturgis, S.D.: “My opponent doesn’t want to drill, he doesn’t want nuclear power, he wants you to inflate your tires.”

It’s this kind of productive thinking that encourages people to keep with that “return to normalcy” train of thought that’s been working so well for us for the last eight years.

Of course, since McCain’s comments many organizations, such as NASCAR and AAA, have rushed to Obama’s defense, mentioning how much gas a year we can save is we’re responsible enough to check our car’s tires.

Good job, McCain.  You’ve got NASCAR against you now.  Oh, and Paris Hilton.


~ by atypicalsnowman on August 6, 2008.

One Response to “Headline: McCain Recommends You Check Your Wagon Spokes to Improve Horseshoe Mileage.”

  1. this is amerika dammit, if we want to run our tires with no air in ’em its our God given right, and no frenchy lovin liberal is gunna tell us utherwhize. hell, we even spell tyres ‘tires’ cuz them frenchy tyres has to be run at full air pressure to work right, damn socialist pinko commie french tyres. No frenchy is gunna tell us how much air goes in, nor how to spell, our rubber rotationals.



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