The F 12 Button Exists Solely For Our Amusement.


I enjoy the F12 button.

It does nothing.

So when I’m bored I pretend I’m the president and say,

“America, we must give up ourselves for the good of the world.”

“Deploy Nukes”

*hit F12


Yeah, I bet Bush does that all the time.

Which is sad.


F12 is a fun key.

Put hundreds of Keyboards with just F12 on it at a kids party, barrels of fun.

F12 puzzle

F12 Jenga

F12 action Figure

F12 the lunch box

F12 the flame thrower




I made myself giggle when I read that.




I think my cat just burst into flames when I pressed it.

I really wonder what happens when i press it.

Like is there a gnome inside my computer that gets nudged with a stick each time?


Mouse, that was a haiku.


~ by atypicalsnowman on August 8, 2008.

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