Shock: Obama Picks Old White Man as VP. Wait…

In a move that shocked no one who was actually paying attention, it was announced early Saturday morning that Obama’s running mate will be Joe Biden, the senior Senator from Delaware.

The late night leak, that absolutely did not smell like the smoke of the back room the release came from, prompted a sigh of relief as well as protests from people who actually still held a candle that Hillary Clinton could be the VP.

I have to admit, I entertained the idea for a day or two after her concession speech but let’s face it.  With both Clintons in the White House, the junior Senator from Illinois would have been over shadowed from day one.

Biden is an excellent pick because he’s not quite yet a household name but he is well known enough for being more of a foriegn policy expert.  Obama’s critics are constantly citing this as a reason as to why the Senator is not ready to be president.

It’s been said, and I agree, that ever since Dick Cheney took over the vice presidency, the position has changed.  It’s no longer a running gag, or an eight year wait for when you get your turn to call the shots but rather a desirable spot that leaves one open to affect different areas within the Executive Branch.

Of course, you’ll recall Cheney said that the Vice Presidency isn’t within the Executive Branch but let’s pass over that for now.

Biden was obviously hand picked to fill in all the little holes of an Obama presidency.  Which is a very good thing, both for people who were undecided and enthusiastic supporters alike.


~ by atypicalsnowman on August 23, 2008.

One Response to “Shock: Obama Picks Old White Man as VP. Wait…”

  1. Great post but I must admit, an even better photo! 😉 Yay.

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