Sarah Palin: Really, John McCain, How Stupid Do You Think We Are?

I wanted to watch the RNC and pay attention the way I was did with the DNC.  Well to be honest, I think I salivated through most of the DNC.  There were people there that I’ve respected (and loved to a certain extent) for a long time now.  Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Bill Richardson, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and of course Barack Obama.

But I have to admit it’s been frustrating trying to watch the RNC this week.  Today, I made it a point to force myself to watch Sarah “I think the ‘under God’ part of the Pledge has existed since Washington” Palin.

I hoped to hear more about her views on what the VP’s job should be and hear her speaking lovingly about McCain while criticising Obama.  There are definietely topics that one could criticize him on. 

What I heard instead was blanant, rude sarcasm that had people laughing, jeering and waving their hats all around the stadium.  I’ve already heard several comments (and I agree) that the mood of the RNC is angrier and meaner (not my words) than the Democratic Convention.  I hear Obama blast McCain at the DNC but in the same sentence call him a patriot.  He agreed that both parties love their country, they just have different views on how to do it.

That spirit of all-for-one appears to be totally absent at the RNC, which is very discouraging.

The funny (or tragic) thing about this is that Sarah Palin, if McCain is elected, could end up being president. How many times has McCain suffered from melanoma?  And yet she blantanly blasted Obama for being inexperienced and shallow. 

So I have to ask…

Really, Senator McCain…how stupid do you think we are?

You trot out the hot librarian Tina Fey-looking former beauty queen governor who has less than one term under her belt and want to talk about substance versus style?

You bring out a woman who is against women and women’s issues and has in fact, had her own family suffer for it and you want us to believe you didn’t choose her as a total novelty act?

Critics could say that Obama started out as a novelty.  He was charismatic, charming and the first black man to ever be the nominee for President of the United States.  But if he started out a novelty, he’s more than proved himself on a national stage.  If he hadn’t, you wouldn’t be polling so abysmally in the swing states right now.

So instead of picking Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Mitt Romney or anyone else with more than a capful of experience, you decide to choose the more shallow pick of the bunch.  And you want to point a finger at the Greek columns and Obama’s two best selling novels and call that shallow.


How stupid do you think we are?


~ by atypicalsnowman on September 3, 2008.

8 Responses to “Sarah Palin: Really, John McCain, How Stupid Do You Think We Are?”

  1. Does the wind constantly whistling through your head ever give you a headache? Grow up.

  2. I wouldn’t normally approve a short, pointless comment but it made me laugh so you’re up.

    Do you ever get lonely in your ivory tower? Put your nose down, otherwise you’ll trip when you walk.

  3. interesting that Bolsonon offers no real criticism of your post, but chooses instead to insult you. I wonder what party he supports?

  4. Yes, I did notice that. I can’t blame him though, he’s probably imagining Sarah Palin taking her hair down.

  5. lol. dumb sarcasm sums up everything you say!! rest assured princess, people of all political stripes find you scintillatingly intelligent.

  6. Awesome, I’m relieved. I spent the entire day hoping people of all political stripes agree with me and my obviously angry sarcasm.

    I’ve never written a blog upset before, but maybe I should more often, it brings out the people who love to tear others down.

  7. sarah palin breaks new ground for stupid people everyday… let’s try and be sensitive to that…

    i love botsolon’s intelligent, fact checked answer… i expect the same from his/her party….

    Btw,… speaking of how shallow all the rhetoric is…

    How many banking or economic bills has McCain introduced this year?

    Obama? Five

    Shit,… at least Barrack’s tryin, ey?

    One Love,
    –Reverend Manny

  8. McCain’s running-mate is yet another sign that he’s likely just as impotent as a leader as he is old. Gasp! am I really saying that? Yeah. He jumped-the-shark on this one, hands down.

    What happens if McCain keels over during the term? We get stuck with Palin, oh great.

    My nightmares surrounding Obama and McCain are different but they all culminate in one way or another: “They’re too… <>.”

    I just can’t wait until this is all over with…

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