John Live Tweets the VP Debate (Kinda)

Warnings:  This blog was made by my brother, John, who is 19.  I came home and found 91 messages on my messenger system.  I wasn’t able to watch the debate and live-tweet so he did it for me.


However, this blog should really not be viewed by anyone.  It’s offensive to Sarah Palin, John McCain’s various body parts, makes vulgar references to Pulp Fiction, There Will Be Blood, The Chappelle Show and John McCain’s time in the Hanoi Hilton.  Please do not send me comments saying that you were offended because I’m giving you warning.  The reason I’m posting this is 1)  My brother went through the trouble of doing this for me.  2)  My cousin Miranda wants to read it.  And 3)  I think my brother’s funny. 

John’s Blogging:

Palin’s American flag pin is really nice. I think she has my vote.

I hate her voice though.

Biden looks like he wants to rip out Palin’s throat and use it as a ball point pen for his notes.

I could never debate against Biden.

I’d just agree with everything.

Wow, she’s doing horrible..

They both are.

She wants to state her track record? Talk about swinging her balls around.

I’m live tweeting for you.

I do like this moderator though.

No one wants to fuck with a black lady with 80’s hair.

I think Biden kicked ass with the tax debate…. and he’s not even done yet.

Wow, I think Palin is winning right now..

She is actually answering this question very, very well.

Biden is trying to beat McCain with his wrinkly old penis…. made of steel.

Ouch… good rebuttal from Biden…. I think he has to dumb it down for us Middle class people though.

I feel like he’s looking only at ME.

I love how he never said We can’t do as promised…. awesome avoidance.

Lol… ” you know what I had to do in my state of Alaska and battle them.”

Not much of a complete sentence….

Biden being a good sportsman.

Global warming?? Random question.

Wow, these questions are pretty random and unimportant… kind of like the Vice President position.

Talking about ten years to get oil… not if you get use a straw……. DRAINAGE

She’s “tolerant” of homosexuals.. nice.

But she doesn’t want it to spread too. I think she said….. changing the meaning of marriage.

I don’t think Biden or Palin are doing well at all.

Palin is using very, very basic debating techniques with her “mommy” and governor experience.

Biden is just using his usual shooting and wishing he hits something.

He has alot of info, just not using it well.

I’m confused…

Ouch. “I dont hear a plan…” — Biden.

Palin didn’t answer the question so

I don’t think it’s good for the Iraqi troops to take control, their casualties tripled when we gave them power.

“Victory which is in sight” “Giving the white flag of surrender” — things not said well by Palin

“John McCain has been dead wrong about all aspects of the war”


The Castro brothers dangerous?


The communists aren’t doing anything. it’s not the cold war again

Dictators hating America? Nah

Palin is so funny

Biden is totally exploiting the fact that Palin and McCain have no knowledge on the history of Iran and Pakistan.

Good move

Palin is using her sexy red high heels

Palin’s face is just…. blank when Biden brought up that McCain wouldn’t meet with Spain a NATO ally!

She just used the words “Second holocaust”

Go Jews!

I love Biden.. He’s using a third person argument.

“Joe Biden has always liked Israel”

Everyone loves Israel…

Biden is breathing really hard…. I think he’s upset.

He wants to slap a bitch

Is Joe Biden gonna have to choke a bitch?

Xionger tweets: Palin’s only winning to those who don’t understand the issues.

“It’s good to know that we both love Israel”


Seriously Palin’s pin is so big… I think it’s talking for her.

She’s asking to talk about Afghanistan… now it’s obvious she has no ideas for herself…

This man makes me want to name my child Joe Biden, just so he can talk in third person POV.

Palin doesn’t know much of what she probably googled.. or read on atypicalsnowman’s twitter.

She thought she had control, now her face looks like she wants to go back and crawl into a moose stomach.

Ouch, touche by calling Biden a regular politician by flip-flopping on the war

Biden is debating like an old man, boring, regular, but relaxing and makes me feel good.

“John McCain knows how to win a war” “He knows what evil is”

1) How does he know how to win a war if he got thrown into a POW camp… pussy

I bet he never stuck a watch up his ass.

2) You gotta be evil to know evil

John Lopez =1

Palin= 0

She called herself a team of Mavericks.

I swear I can’t stop staring at that American flag lapel.

It’s so distracting.

She should’ve just painted her face instead

News update: Biden spends alot of time in Katie’s and Home Depot.


“Say it aint so Joe you pointed the finger back again”

Palin is being so fucking aggressive right now

I gotta go study now, This concludes my live tweeting

See ya later foo

Test tomorrow

: )

i mean


~ by atypicalsnowman on October 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “John Live Tweets the VP Debate (Kinda)”

  1. Two favorites, hahahaha.

    “Wow, these questions are pretty random and unimportant… kind of like the Vice President position.”

    “Palin doesn’t know much of what she probably googled.. or read on atypicalsnowman’s twitter.”

  2. Very funny. Likes the watch reference.

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