John Lopez: Gardener and Excellent Fertilizer.


Wow Sheba is crying at me.

I wonder if Timmy is stuck in a well.


Ask her to tap accordingly.

One tap, yes.

Two taps, no.


More like meow.

She’s meowing up a storm

She has food and water

I held her.


No, the meow means the British have entered the bikini state.

Which means she is asking you to enter the Shebunker or her personal ShebaJet.




It’s under the house.

We just don’t know about it yet.


One day your dad is going to be digging up a weed or planting something in the yard and he’s going to hear a metallic clink when the shovel hits it. He’ll say “what the hell?” and over his shoulder you’ll see Sheba, looking out the window with a scowl on her face, knowing what needed to be done. No one ever did hear of John Lopez again, but they say that if you listen closely in the night…

if it’s quiet enough, you can still hear him berate you.



Okay, this is getting blogged.


Leave out the berate part.

I didn’t know how to end it.

~ by atypicalsnowman on October 11, 2008.

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