Family Gathering as Tweeted by myself, @Imelda and @richhumofair

atypicalsnowman:  Trying to get home.

richhumofair: Going to Corpus Christi early in the morning to make a sad & unexpected trip. Staying at Dad’s tonight.

imelda:  Can’t go to SA to see Wicked because family emergency. Anyone want to buy 1-5 tickets for Wicked tonight? Pls RT and DM me.

atypicalsnowman:  Trying to make it to Robstown in time.

richhumofair:  Picked up Jeff and now headed to CC.

atypicalsnowman:  @richhumofair is looking around the room confused. @imelda has no tact but in a funny way.

richhumofair: At Aunt’s house. Looking at @atypicalsnowman‘s photos. Dad keeps telling me that there are donuts w/sprinkles.

imelda:  Found out I had a distant relative that ran away and joined an Indian tribe. Chief Flowers! Interesting family history being shared.

atypicalsnowman: She only does that cause she knows she would win.

richhumofair: Taking photos of my grandmother’s house. How…strange and overwhelming.

richhumfoair:  @atypicalsnowman: “The Liberty Bell isn’t glued to the ground. It can go on a tour.”

atypicalsnowman:  @richhumofair If the Magna Carta and the Mona Lisa can go on tour I don’t see why it can’t.

richhumofair:  It’s 217 degrees outside, so we are back in the house. Dad is trying to figure out how to use his new video camera.

richhumofair: Dad laughs at my photos. Apparently, @atypicalsnowmantakes “weird” photos too.

atypicalsnowman:  Participating in a very odd vigil.

imelda:  Visiting with grandma and a TON of family including @atypicalsnowman @richhumofair

atypicalsnowman:  Trying to remember the order of the thirty first cousins.

richhumofair:  OH: “Thank god the weather talk is over.”

richhumofair:  @Imelda: “Hey, let’s all talk about the phones we have!”

richhumofair: Playing Uno with @atypicalsnowman, @imelda, and Mason. For the first time.

atypicalsnowman:  Just made @richhumofair draw four in a game of uno. ‘that’s so rude!’

richhumofair: Kim: “Ooh, I can be on your team!” @atypicalsnowman: “There are no teams in Uno!”

imelda:  Snowcone run!

atypicalsnowman:  Snowcones.

richhumofair:  Back from getting a snowcone. Today feels like the longest day ever.

atypicalsnowman: Oh wait. Sorry. Forgot to channel my inner Mexican. Raspas.

atypicalsnowman:  Mason- I like snowcones better than water.

imelda:  Visiting my Grandmothers old house. What great memories. On to the park and corner store like old times. #fb

richhumofair: Going back home. Got two adorable old photos of my dad and Jeff. It feels like I forgot something.

atypicalsnowman:  Just got home after a very strange, emotionally exhausting yet refreshing day. Yes, I know that makes no sense.

~ by atypicalsnowman on June 28, 2009.

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